TGD recently had the pleasure of staying at one of Lisbon’s finest hotels, Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon. As soon as you enter the hotel’s opulent lobby, you’ll notice an exquisite bouquet of orchids hanging from the ceiling. In fact, there are orchid displays tastefully arranged all throughout the hotel, and we learned during our stay … Continue Reading

Recently dubbed “the most underrated city in Europe”, Lisbon has become one of the hottest destinations in Western Europe. If you haven’t been there already, you probably know someone who has because the secret’s out and everyone’s talking about it! Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon is drenched in Old World history. … Continue Reading

The Glutton’s Digest is thrilled to feature this guest post written by the one and only Erin Homiak, that lovely lady below (on the left).  I dare you to finish this post without a hankering for Mozambican food! As Lindsay promised, I’m here to follow up on her Mozambican Morsels post. Here are some additional … Continue Reading