The Glutton’s Digest is thrilled to feature this guest post written by the one and only Erin Homiak, that lovely lady below (on the left).  I dare you to finish this post without a hankering for Mozambican food! As Lindsay promised, I’m here to follow up on her Mozambican Morsels post. Here are some additional … Continue Reading

On my first day in Mandalay, I walked up to a tea house/beer garden.  This is a very common scene in Myanmar – basically a nondescript pavilion overlaying wobbly tables and chairs that serves as a restaurant/bar.  I hesitated at the entrance when I realized only men were inside; perhaps it was culturally taboo for … Continue Reading

I really wanted to entitle this post “A Thai-ny Traipse” but a certain someone vetoed it because he loves raining on my pun parade. Onward.  The beginning of January marked six months in Thailand, but we’ve taken our time diving into the place.  The majority of our days have been spent solving logistical issues, such as … Continue Reading

Now seems like as good a time as any to detail our recent U.S. road trip.  The United States is an underrated travel destination, and after months of international country-hopping, we were itching to head home for some domestic explorations.  For two months, we drove a big, bad, and very sexy Buick across many a … Continue Reading

When I was a little girl, I read about a Moroccan town enshrouded in hues of blue.  Since blue was my favorite color at the time, I fervently scribbled the town on my bucket list.  I finally made my way to Morocco a few months back, and since my travel criteria hasn’t matured over the years, seeing that blue-rinsed town remained top … Continue Reading

Welcome back for Part 2 of two posts we’re devoting to our absolute favorite dining experiences in Cape Town.  If you travel often, you know that it’s pretty common for memories of places seen, meals eaten, and adventures had to blend together or fade away with time.  Heck, even if you aren’t big on traveling, … Continue Reading

Those of you familiar with me and my daffy ways know that I have a termination problem.  If a destination even remotely piques my interest, I cling to it until all of my curiosities are sated.  This usually comes in the form of my “needing” to try every restaurant on my wish list, which seldom … Continue Reading

Last time, we tackled the food scene in Mozambique’s capital, but where are you going to rest off your food coma during the interludes when you’re not chowing down? Hopefully, not in your bowl.  Compared to other major cities, Maputo’s lodging options are sparse.  Also, their prices will confound you.  A generic hotel room (think … Continue Reading

The past few years have essentially consisted of my two best friends and I following each other around the world, which I am NOT complaining about.  This time, our adventures coalesced in Maputo, Mozambique, where one of my lovelies is toiling in a public health internship for her Master’s program.  Her undercover mission is to … Continue Reading

Once upon a time I journeyed to Cape Town for a two week jaunt and willingly got stuck there for a month and a half.  What does that mean, aside from the fact that I set really poor personal boundaries?  Well, most obviously, it’s symbolic of Cape Town’s being a bona fide tourist’s delight. More … Continue Reading