I disembarked the plane in Medellin, Colombia, and felt like I was home.  It was neither a feeling of comfort nor familiarity, but one of belongingness.  It’s rare that I feel so connected with the places I visit, but I generally fault myself for this.  Frequently, I am the only blonde in a sea of … Continue Reading

“Rice and beans is an underrated dish.  People assume that it’s just a mixture of leftover rice and bland beans, but it can really be divine.  I had the best rice and beans in Managua right before I was shot in the stomach at an ATM.” Never before had someone so casually compounded my favorite … Continue Reading

A French couple recently tried to engage me in an argument over American cuisine.  I almost took the conversational bait, but hesitated for three reasons: I try to discourage people from talking out of their arses as I find it to be unbecoming.  Even less appealing is an obstinate Frenchie doing so.  After learning that … Continue Reading

If you’ve been following my quest to savor the world one bite at a time, you’ve likely realized that I took an extended holiday hiatus from berating my current least favorite country.  Before you go supposing that I am a cantankerous curmudgeon, I should point out that I am not one to dwell on the … Continue Reading

…but thankfully I can still type. Before I dish the deets on this South American utopia, I’d like to dedicate this post to my friend Alex, who guided me through Ecuador with her personalized recommendations of what to do while there (“No Lindsay, you would die if you tried to climb that mountain.  How about … Continue Reading

This funny little pattern has developed regarding my dining habits at classy restaurants here in Lima.  As I mentioned last time, I am dedicating this final Peru post to the best overall dining experiences I have had here.  Incidentally, these instances have coincided with my most ridiculous wardrobe choices, which I will recount for entertainment’s … Continue Reading

Me: Blah blah blah Lima, blah blah blah Peru, blah blah blah lemme tell you about all the food I eat. You: Please shut up. I realize that it may seem obsessive when I continuously gush about Peru, but sheesh, it’s not my fault that this country is so cool.  Last entry, we addressed the … Continue Reading

In June of 2006, I packed my bags and headed to Peru for what was supposed to be a two year stint.  Not long after my arrival, Peruvian cuisine kidnapped me and proceeded to hold me hostage for five entire years.  I have narrowly escaped her death grip more than once to flee to my … Continue Reading

This is dedicated to my beautiful friends Erin and Jill, who perpetually ignore their diets, budgets, and bedtimes to consume as many baked goods as humanly possible with me.  Life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without you two! I happen to speak the language of “cupcake” fluently, which is fortunate considering I have not yet … Continue Reading