My long-term memory is rather blemished when it comes to mentally cataloguing my travels.  One time I sailed for six hours to another country, the whole time thinking how I couldn’t WAIT to sink my teeth into the place for the first time.  Imagine my bewilderment as I disembarked the boat and immediately recognized my … Continue Reading

I disembarked the plane in Medellin, Colombia, and felt like I was home.  It was neither a feeling of comfort nor familiarity, but one of belongingness.  It’s rare that I feel so connected with the places I visit, but I generally fault myself for this.  Frequently, I am the only blonde in a sea of … Continue Reading

In observance of my thirtieth birthday, I spent my last entry ruminating about thirty life lessons I have learned thus far.  This post is its sequel, and will encompass my remaining 15 truths.  For those of you just joining us, the list I am about to complete is an offshoot of an article written by … Continue Reading

I turned 30 this summer and I feel great about it (and no, I’m not just vacuously saying that as I surreptitiously research Botox).  My aunt told me that she cried on her thirtieth birthday because she felt old, and others in my life seem to mimic her sentiments about aging.  Their mentalities genuinely puzzle … Continue Reading

“Rice and beans is an underrated dish.  People assume that it’s just a mixture of leftover rice and bland beans, but it can really be divine.  I had the best rice and beans in Managua right before I was shot in the stomach at an ATM.” Never before had someone so casually compounded my favorite … Continue Reading

I can be a bit of a braggart when it comes to extolling my friends and their many accolades.  Simply put, they’re rockstar badasses who continuously inspire me and enrich my existence.  Some circumnavigate entire continents on their motorcycles, while others are busy saving the world or…waxing poetic about meat.  What I am about to … Continue Reading

A French couple recently tried to engage me in an argument over American cuisine.  I almost took the conversational bait, but hesitated for three reasons: I try to discourage people from talking out of their arses as I find it to be unbecoming.  Even less appealing is an obstinate Frenchie doing so.  After learning that … Continue Reading

As multifarious flower blossoms blanket Pennsylvania and Mother’s Day passes, I’ve got Lucy on my mind.  I know I’m not the only one.  My dad lost his mom Lucy in late March, and life seems wistfully still without her.  With her garden flourishing in her absence, it’s a struggle to accept that she is truly … Continue Reading

Much time has elapsed since my last Costa Rica post, but I am finally sitting down to write the finale, which we shall deem “the caboose.”  A month before I traveled to Costa Rica, I met a fantastic lass in Ecuador who re-ignited my curiosity about the Central American hotspot.  Prior to meeting her, I … Continue Reading

If you’ve been following my quest to savor the world one bite at a time, you’ve likely realized that I took an extended holiday hiatus from berating my current least favorite country.  Before you go supposing that I am a cantankerous curmudgeon, I should point out that I am not one to dwell on the … Continue Reading