It’s time to spice things up a bit with our next A Taste of Thai giveaway.  This giveaway will end in a week’s time, meaning the winner will receive his/her package just in time for Valentine’s Day. Move over roses and chocolate (but just a little, because we still want you).  What better way to … Continue Reading

Since December tends to be a bit frenzied, this giveaway is aimed at mitigating any holiday-related stress you may be experiencing. We’re teaming up with A Taste of Thai for our second giveaway, this one focused on appetizers that you can hoard for yourself (naughty) or share with your party guests (nice).  We’re hoping to minimize … Continue Reading

“Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat 2,000 of something.”  ~Mitch Hedberg Rice is also great when it’s Thai-flavored and FREE, which it’s about to be for the lucky winner of this month’s giveaway.  To correspond with our most recent A Taste of Thai post, we are holding this rice-themed giveaway … Continue Reading

It’s now our fifth month experimenting with A Taste of Thai’s products.  Oh how time flies when you’re eating Thai! We’re still living in Bangkok, attempting to eat somewhere different every day.  We initially thought that food directly from Thailand’s culinary capital would surpass that of A Taste of Thai, but we continue to find that … Continue Reading

Whaddaya say we start spring cleaning a bit early this year, first stop: your cupboards.  We know how challenging getting through the long, cold winter is without a pantry full of choice comfort foods.  Would it be easier for you to say, “Hit the road, junk!,” if we stocked your shelves with nutritious stuff we … Continue Reading

Yesterday, we got cracking on a compilation of our favorite nutritious snacks.  These products were the best of many that we tried, and we were grateful for their sustenance during our recent 2-month road trip.  We easily embraced their new place in our lives because they challenge the notion that eating healthy involves depriving yourself.  Today … Continue Reading

Shall we continue with our U.S. Road Trip Series?  So far, we’ve covered Pittsburgh dining and accommodation, an accomplishment I feel should be rewarded here with a snack (or ten).  When we were planning our cross-country trip, my imagination was gleefully awash with visions of sinking my chompers into Nathan’s hot dogs and Cinnabon’s sticky buns … Continue Reading

This is our fourth month cooking with A Taste of Thai’s products.  As most of you probably know, I moved to Thailand six months ago.  At this point, I consider myself a seasoned Thai food critic. After what seems like zillions of meals consumed at street carts and nice restaurants alike here, A Taste of Thai … Continue Reading

December marks month three of experimenting with A Taste of Thai products.  Since it also marks the enchanting season of holiday gatherings (for which you may be asked to whip up a dish or two), appetizers will be this month’s focal point.  Today we’ll share our personal favorite, and tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to … Continue Reading

As frostier temps draw near, I’ve been on the prowl for some new belly-warming recipes.  I think I’ve found just the dish to curb the clam chowder and chili overdose from which I annually suffer during my winter hibernation.  I hope you’ll share my appreciation for it! This is our second month experimenting with A … Continue Reading