Whaddaya say we start spring cleaning a bit early this year, first stop: your cupboards.  We know how challenging getting through the long, cold winter is without a pantry full of choice comfort foods.  Would it be easier for you to say, “Hit the road, junk!,” if we stocked your shelves with nutritious stuff we know you’ll love?  Deal, we’ll do it!  We’ve spent the last few months trying many healthy, gluten-free snacks, and our last two posts (this and that) were dedicated to the best nutritious snacks out there.  Today, as promised, we are holding a giant giveaway in which one of you will win a snack pack from each of the twelve companies we featured in the above posts.

So how do you enter?  Below is a list of all of the participating companies, along with summaries of their products.  In our comment section below this post, or on our Facebook page (under our giveaway announcement), all you have to do is tell us the name of the company (or companies) that makes the snacks you are most excited to try, along with your email address so we can contact you if you win.

  1. Sahale Snacks (nuts, nut blends)
  2. The Good Bean (roasted chickpea snacks)
  3. Crunchmaster (gluten-free crackers)
  4. Mary’s Gone Crackers (gluten-free, vegan crackers, cookies, pretzels)
  5. LÄRABAR (bars made from unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices)
  6. R.A.W.- Real and Wonderful (nut bars, macaroons, and crackers made from raw, organic ingredients)
  7. Nuts.com (nuts, chocolates, snacks, coffee, etc.)
  8. Crispy Green (freeze-dried fruits)
  9. Nature’s All Foods (freeze-dried fruits and veggies)
  10. Just Tomatoes Etc! (dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits, veggies, and fruit powders)
  11. Pure (fruit & nut bars, fruit/veggie strips, grains bars)
  12. Enjoy Life (gluten-free bars, cookies, chips)

The giveaway for all these gluten-free snacks ends on Sunday, March 2 at 11:59pm EST, and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, March 3 at 9am EST.

Best of luck with trashing your junk food stash, and winning the above bounty!

*3/3/14- This giveaway is now closed, and our winner is Hayley Schermerhorn.  Congrats to her, and stay tuned for our future giveaways.  Thank you all for your participation!