A couple of weeks ago in our first PA Staycation post, we promised a visit to the ever-so-charming Peddler’s Village, and finally, here we write. Our hope is that you can squeeze in a self-pampering visit to the next salon/spa we’re featuring before basting your turkey and mashing your taters, or even post-Thanksgiving, when the … Continue Reading

Hello to our loyal Pennsylvania readers! Recent unseasonably warm temperatures have tricked many of us into thinking that summer’s not quite over, but unfortunately, those summer vacations that we looked forward to all last year are quickly fading in our rearview mirrors. Before we know it, the hectic holiday season will be upon us, and … Continue Reading

Lindsay and I have been on the road together since October 5, 2016 and we’ve been dreaming of Tuscany since the start of our journey. We knew we’d be visiting my family in Northern Italy close to Parma, but we were not entirely sure what other cities we’d choose to see. I’d been to Florence twice … Continue Reading

Recently dubbed “the most underrated city in Europe”, Lisbon has become one of the hottest destinations in Western Europe. If you haven’t been there already, you probably know someone who has because the secret’s out and everyone’s talking about it! Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon is drenched in Old World history. … Continue Reading

If you’ve been to Mexico City or have heard anything about it, you might be aware of its size and how many things there are to see, eat, and do here. Think: endless options. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to accomplish everything on your list if you’re here for just a short visit since the … Continue Reading

Maybe you’ve heard of Cochabamba, the Bolivian city that’s located about 8 hours (in bus) southeast of La Paz. Or maybe you were introduced to it in our last post. Cochabamba’s not necessarily a huge tourist town, but like we mentioned last time, it’s the fourth largest city in Bolivia and is known as the City … Continue Reading

On a plot of land adjoining Bolivia’s Amboro National Park, lies an area naturally devoid of trees where El Refugio Los Volcanes is tucked away. You may remember our mentioning Giovanni, one of the founders of El Pueblito Resort, in a recent post. Well, Giovanni was largely responsible for what a nice time we had in Samaipata. Upon making … Continue Reading

Happy Monday, peeps.  Time for the sequel to last week’s post about our top ten Cape Town activities.  Whaddaya say we forego the jibber-jabber and get right down to completing our list?  As we mentioned last time, this list is in no particular order. 6. Uthando South Africa Tours– This was by far the most … Continue Reading

Oscar Pistorius has been stealing South Africa’s limelight lately, but since the country is so much more than a high profile murder trial, I thought we’d do our part to shift the focus to happier topics.  We’ve already detailed our favorite meals in Cape Town, so today we’ll discuss our top ten Cape Town activities. … Continue Reading

Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to honor the warmth in the air than to pack your car trunk, roll down your windows, and cruise across the U.S.?  With that long, bleak winter in our rear view mirrors, we’re looking forward to reviving our Wheelin’ and Mealin’ U.S.A. Road Trip Series.  We do … Continue Reading