Do you ever look at something mundane and wonder, why don’t I know where this came from/how it was made?  Lately our travels have revolved around solving such mysteries, all of which could easily be elucidated by Google, of course.  The masochist in me, however, would much rather slapdashedly pack a bag and venture into … Continue Reading

Within an hour of my arrival in Mandalay, a Dutch girl was buoyantly relaying her most cherished Myanmar memory to me, which strangely enough involved getting plowed down by a motorcycle as she rode her bike down a dusty, uneven road.  Her entire right leg was bandaged and unable to bend, and her wrist bore … Continue Reading

I really wanted to entitle this post “A Thai-ny Traipse” but a certain someone vetoed it because he loves raining on my pun parade. Onward.  The beginning of January marked six months in Thailand, but we’ve taken our time diving into the place.  The majority of our days have been spent solving logistical issues, such as … Continue Reading

Last Morocco post, we promised tales of sass and swindle.  The tail-end of that entry left us exploring Fes, after which we (and our entire trip) both literally and figuratively went south. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Lemme be more clear: It was all Luis’ fault.  It may appear as though I’m … Continue Reading

When I was a little girl, I read about a Moroccan town enshrouded in hues of blue.  Since blue was my favorite color at the time, I fervently scribbled the town on my bucket list.  I finally made my way to Morocco a few months back, and since my travel criteria hasn’t matured over the years, seeing that blue-rinsed town remained top … Continue Reading

In late February, The Glutton’s Digest was invited to Savannah Bee Company’s flagship store for a private tour with Haley Bowers, who is responsible for the company’s Social Media Marketing.  By now, most people recognize the many beneficial properties that honey possesses.  In fact, honey is no stranger to praise, as its healing qualities were … Continue Reading

I disembarked the plane in Medellin, Colombia, and felt like I was home.  It was neither a feeling of comfort nor familiarity, but one of belongingness.  It’s rare that I feel so connected with the places I visit, but I generally fault myself for this.  Frequently, I am the only blonde in a sea of … Continue Reading

“Rice and beans is an underrated dish.  People assume that it’s just a mixture of leftover rice and bland beans, but it can really be divine.  I had the best rice and beans in Managua right before I was shot in the stomach at an ATM.” Never before had someone so casually compounded my favorite … Continue Reading

Much time has elapsed since my last Costa Rica post, but I am finally sitting down to write the finale, which we shall deem “the caboose.”  A month before I traveled to Costa Rica, I met a fantastic lass in Ecuador who re-ignited my curiosity about the Central American hotspot.  Prior to meeting her, I … Continue Reading