We’re featuring Mouth Party Caramels again on our homepage and bringing you a chance to win 1lb of Sea Salt Caramels via our Instagram page through Thursday January 19 at 11pm EST. To all of my languishing lovelies out there: The days of inhaling Rolos by the tube while watching cute cat videos are over … Continue Reading

Perhaps you recall the healthy snack spotlight we wrote earlier this year as part of our Wheelin’ and Mealin’ Road Trip series?  At the top of our snack list ranked Sahale Snacks, a company that specializes in nut and fruit blends that will knock your socks off.  As we mentioned then, Sahale nut blends were the first … Continue Reading

I knew of Whole30 only through mention on Facebook, where acquaintances would post about how torturous going 30 days without wine or cookies or fast food was.  I figured it was just another fad diet, and didn’t give it a second thought.  It wasn’t until my best friends took interest in it that I gave it … Continue Reading

Have you ever made Thai food from scratch?  If your answer to that question is, “Yeah, it’s super simple,” I’m afraid we can’t be friends, as you may cause my healthy self-esteem to irrevocably plummet into a dark, lonely abyss.  On planet Earth (where I currently reside), Thai cooking is a complex art that takes … Continue Reading

My favorite part of working at The Glutton’s Digest (aside from eating 6-10 times a day) is encountering people who love their jobs as much as I love mine.  When these people are directing their passion towards making food, you can taste the difference in their products.  If you are happy with what you are … Continue Reading

When I was younger, I had a peanut butter problem.  In this case, “younger” means approximately two years ago and “problem” means that I could easily house half a jar of peanut butter per day (we don’t call this blog “The Glutton’s Digest” for nuthin’!).  If I wasn’t spooning it directly from jar to mouth, … Continue Reading

Today, I’m excited to share a guest entry written by our prized PR Director, Jill.  The thing I appreciate most about Jill (aside from her making my life easier, of course) is that she is always looking to be a better person, both in the way she treats others and the way she cares for … Continue Reading

…on honey, that is.  Remember when we dedicated five full days to Savannah Bee Company’s honey and the recipes we concocted with it?  I ate honey by the jar-full that week, which was nothing short of perfect.  My consumption hasn’t subsided much since then, despite traveling constantly and not knowing where I might find my … Continue Reading

I seem to have my sassypants on, so you’ll have to excuse the boorish title.  It really does apply to our theme today, though.  Stick with me, and you’ll see what I mean. Speaking of (stick)ing with me, I must admit that I’m a big fan of food on sticks.  It’s so darned practical and … Continue Reading

Cherries have long been tied with papaya for the title of my least favorite fruit.  I have never been one to lick my own wounds, and cherries taste like blood to me so I could never stomach their flavor.  Also, I consider them to be fruit’s equivalent to the chicken wing in that they are … Continue Reading