We’re featuring Mouth Party Caramels again on our homepage and bringing you a chance to win 1lb of Sea Salt Caramels via our Instagram page through Thursday January 19 at 11pm EST.

To all of my languishing lovelies out there: The days of inhaling Rolos by the tube while watching cute cat videos are over (or am I alone in this practice?).  Fine, the cute cat videos can continue but move over Rolos, for there’s a new caramel in town.  If you heed my advice, readers, you’re about to be caramel-ically converted.  But beware, folks.  There’s really no turning back.

Mouth Party Caramels.  Who are you magicians anyway?  What I do know is that you were sweet enough (both figuratively and literally) to surprise The Glutton’s Digest with a caramel care package recently.  You sneaky sweetsters (totally not a word), you certainly know the way to our hearts, don’tcha (not a word either).  For that, I’ll tell you a little story.

My friend and I received your package on a weeknight.  A weeknight during which we had eaten multiple dinners because we just couldn’t seem to find ourselves a satisfying meal.  What can I say?  We like to end our nights on a high note.  We ended this particular night on a very full note.  Your caramels would have to wait until tomorrow.

a confetti of caramel

“Or maybe we could just split one?  Yeah, that’s a reasonable plan.”

We discussed your packaging as we undressed our first candy (kinky, I know).  Your logo?  Playfully provocative.  Your name?  Entirely apropos.  Your little ribbon-wrapped satchels?  It feels like Christmas morning and I love it.

Would your caramels live up to the hype of their name, though?  I’ll give you a hint.  The answer starts with a y and ends with all of your caramels simultaneously swimming around in my belly.

We cut your cinnamon caramel in half and popped it into our mouths.  The more we chewed, the more our eyes widened.  Is this for real?  The texture was smooth enough that it didn’t get annoyingly stuck in our teeth, but chewy enough to represent real caramel.  The flavor was rich and authentic.  We needed more.

“Okay, just one more couldn’t hurt.”

anyway you choose, you win

We decided on the OMG! Caramel, as the exclamation in its name directly corresponded to how we felt while indulging in your confections.  This caramel is drenched in milk chocolate and dusted with Fleur de Sel, which we think is French for “cocaine.”  Jk.  It’s sea salt, but this caramel happens to be as habit-forming as a drug.  When Mouth Party Caramels call their candies “addictive, mouth-watering soft pillows of loveliness,” they are NOT lying!

So we ate anywhere between 5 and 20 caramels that night.  We didn’t keep track because you never keep track when you are truly content, and we owe that contentment to you, Mouth Party Caramels.  Thank you for inspiring us to plop bonbons in our mouths for an entire evening like that was our sole purpose in life.  We regret none of it.

As for the rest of you, your sole purpose right now is to either order some Mouth Party Caramels from their website, or go here to find a location near you where they are sold.  Let us unite in our Mouth Party piety!

*All pics used in this post were borrowed from the Mouth Party Caramels website.