Cherries have long been tied with papaya for the title of my least favorite fruit.  I have never been one to lick my own wounds, and cherries taste like blood to me so I could never stomach their flavor.  Also, I consider them to be fruit’s equivalent to the chicken wing in that they are too much work for the little “meat” they bear.  When my PR Director told me that Cheribundi had sent us a case of their cherry juices to review, I was grateful, but not hopeful.  I figured I would take a sip, and let her enjoy the rest.  That’s not exactly what happened.

What actually happened was I kept sneaking to the fridge for more, and frankly, I didn’t really feel like sharing (it was THAT good)!  Cheribundi offers pure cherry juices, as well as cherry juice blends (like lemonades, teas, and multi-juice mixtures).  My favorite was their Tart Cherry Juice, served in a small bottle that states, “50 cherries per bottle.”  Not only does that make you cognizant of how many nutrients you’re consuming, but also, that Cheribundi has made your life easier by squeezing a boatload of ripe cherries for your enjoyment!  I’m a big tea drinker, so on the occasions that I prefer something lighter than the Tart Cherry Juice, I like the Black Tea with Tart Cherry Refresh.  I’m still astonished that cherries were taken off my blacklist, and I have Cheribundi to thank for that.

image from www.cheribundi.comIn addition to the juices, Cheribundi was kind enough to send us some literature about their products.  If you’re as ignorant as I was about the health benefits of cherries, allow me to bestow some of my newly-acquired knowledge upon you!  Did you know that cherries encourage melatonin production, leading to more peaceful sleep?  Since sleeping is my favorite thing to do after eating, this was great news to me!  Drinking cherry juice can also reduce muscle inflammation, which aids in pain relief.  If you’d like to know more about the positive properties of cherries, visit Cheribundi’s user-friendly and health-conscious site, and be sure to give their products a try, even if you consider yourself anti-cherry.  Cheribundi just may change your mind!


Header photo: Cherries by D.H. Wright