A couple of weeks ago in our first PA Staycation post, we promised a visit to the ever-so-charming Peddler’s Village, and finally, here we write. Our hope is that you can squeeze in a self-pampering visit to the next salon/spa we’re featuring before basting your turkey and mashing your taters, or even post-Thanksgiving, when the … Continue Reading

Hello to our loyal Pennsylvania readers! Recent unseasonably warm temperatures have tricked many of us into thinking that summer’s not quite over, but unfortunately, those summer vacations that we looked forward to all last year are quickly fading in our rearview mirrors. Before we know it, the hectic holiday season will be upon us, and … Continue Reading

Lindsay and I have been on the road together since October 5, 2016 and we’ve been dreaming of Tuscany since the start of our journey. We knew we’d be visiting my family in Northern Italy close to Parma, but we were not entirely sure what other cities we’d choose to see. I’d been to Florence twice … Continue Reading

There is no shortage of things to explore in and around Lisbon, so we anticipate that you’ll probably want to relax after spending long hours on your feet traipsing across the city. Below, we’ve enumerated our five picks for the best luxury stays in Lisbon, and we’re confident that any of these places will offer you … Continue Reading

TGD recently had the pleasure of staying at one of Lisbon’s finest hotels, Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon. As soon as you enter the hotel’s opulent lobby, you’ll notice an exquisite bouquet of orchids hanging from the ceiling. In fact, there are orchid displays tastefully arranged all throughout the hotel, and we learned during our stay … Continue Reading

Recently dubbed “the most underrated city in Europe”, Lisbon has become one of the hottest destinations in Western Europe. If you haven’t been there already, you probably know someone who has because the secret’s out and everyone’s talking about it! Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon is drenched in Old World history. … Continue Reading

To all of our beloved readers: with this post, allow us to invite you to one of the most cozy, chic, and comfortable hotels in Amsterdam – Pillows Anna van den Vondel. Pillows just opened in January 2017 after an 18-month renovation, and is located in a recently restored, and regal but understated 19th century building. … Continue Reading

Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant, energized city known for its beaches, food, nightlife, breathtaking views from atop any of its high peaks, and culturally-rich mountainside favelas. If you’re looking to live life in Rio like a local, we recommend staying in Santa Teresa, the city’s hip, boho neighborhood that we’ve heard many locals refer … Continue Reading

Lindsay and I recently had the privilege of touring Mexico City for 1 month to find the best things to see, the best places to stay, and obviously (knowing us), the best things to eat. Don’t worry, foodie friends, if hotel posts bore you, you can read more about the food in Mexico City here! … Continue Reading

After spending a large chunk of time in Mexico City, eating our way through the city’s best restaurants, Lindsay and I spent Christmas of 2016 in Oaxaca and contemplated our next move. We heard from many people that we couldn’t leave Mexico without visiting San Miguel de Allende, so we hopped aboard a bus and rode the four … Continue Reading