Mid-December has us thinking about Christmas, which has us thinking about Christmas parties, which, naturally, has us thinking about food. If you’re looking for a great holiday appetizer to bring to a party, or a starter to make for your own dinner party, I highly suggest this quick, easy, and crowd-pleasing dairy-, gluten-, and nut-free … Continue Reading

December marks month three of experimenting with A Taste of Thai products.  Since it also marks the enchanting season of holiday gatherings (for which you may be asked to whip up a dish or two), appetizers will be this month’s focal point.  Today we’ll share our personal favorite, and tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to … Continue Reading

For today’s honey recipe, we experimented with Savannah Bee Company’s raw honeycomb.  This is the most healthy form of honey available, but I always shied away from it because I thought the texture would be too waxy for my liking.  Clearly, judging from how much is missing from this box, its waxiness was not an … Continue Reading

The most phenomenal people I know never complain, which I think stems from a keen awareness on their part of all there is to be thankful for.  We belong to a culture that perpetuates the desire to vent about (and even invent) problems, because deep down, I think that most of us feel guilty when … Continue Reading