Happy Halloween, readers!  I’m sure you’ll encounter no shortage of sweets today, but we’re about to one-up the candy corn coma you’ll likely fall into later on.  While you’re planning what to give out to all the little ghouls and goblins in your ‘hood, we’re planning the Thai treats we’ll be giving out to YOU!  Remember our new collaboration with A Taste … Continue Reading

Yesterday, we introduced our new partnership with A Taste of Thai.  As promised in that post, we’re showcasing our first few recipes today!  I figure that Pad Thai is a good springboard, as it was a theme throughout our last entry, and it’s a dish with which most people are familiar.  I was interested to gauge A … Continue Reading

Have you ever made Thai food from scratch?  If your answer to that question is, “Yeah, it’s super simple,” I’m afraid we can’t be friends, as you may cause my healthy self-esteem to irrevocably plummet into a dark, lonely abyss.  On planet Earth (where I currently reside), Thai cooking is a complex art that takes … Continue Reading

It’s time for our second “Cool Cats of Cape Town” installment.  If you missed our introduction to this series, along with our piece on Nigel Wood (Cool Cat numero uno), feel free to check it out here.  Then, we can mosey along to our second subject. Would you get a load of this first-class cutie? … Continue Reading

My long-term memory is rather blemished when it comes to mentally cataloguing my travels.  One time I sailed for six hours to another country, the whole time thinking how I couldn’t WAIT to sink my teeth into the place for the first time.  Imagine my bewilderment as I disembarked the boat and immediately recognized my … Continue Reading

…on honey, that is.  Remember when we dedicated five full days to Savannah Bee Company’s honey and the recipes we concocted with it?  I ate honey by the jar-full that week, which was nothing short of perfect.  My consumption hasn’t subsided much since then, despite traveling constantly and not knowing where I might find my … Continue Reading

Today marks the final day in our Savannah Bee Company series.  I would be mourning this end if I didn’t plan on continuing to drizzle their honey all over every single food I eat.  Since it’s Friday, we will kick back with some honey cocktails.  Since spring has arrived, this entry will also include a … Continue Reading

Growing up, I hated grilled cheese because it felt like a loveless meal that parents would throw together when they were tired or stressed.  Also, it tasted like rubber.  After living abroad where quality cheese and bread aren’t always readily available, grilled cheese has metamorphosed into my ultimate comfort food.  Luckily for me, my dad … Continue Reading

For today’s honey recipe, we experimented with Savannah Bee Company’s raw honeycomb.  This is the most healthy form of honey available, but I always shied away from it because I thought the texture would be too waxy for my liking.  Clearly, judging from how much is missing from this box, its waxiness was not an … Continue Reading

Sorry that my honey infatuation has resulted in my working “bee” into every possible word.  Actually, I’m not sorry, as it’s entertaining me more than it probably should.  Yesterday, we featured Savannah Bee Company for not only their show-stopping honey, but their hospitality in hosting us and teaching us a thing or two (or a … Continue Reading