Happy Halloween, readers!  I’m sure you’ll encounter no shortage of sweets today, but we’re about to one-up the candy corn coma you’ll likely fall into later on.  While you’re planning what to give out to all the little ghouls and goblins in your ‘hood, we’re planning the Thai treats we’ll be giving out to YOU!  Remember our new collaboration with A Taste of Thai?  Our partnership began with a post earlier this month, and we’ve chosen today for our first giveaway.

But first you have to play a little game with us (MWAHAHAHAHAHA!) <—That’s my festive, spooky laughter.

The Trick:

From each of the following five BOLD categories, you will select one dish that you’d most like to try.  On our comment section below, or on our Facebook page beneath our giveaway announcement, you will type your five choices.






The Treat:

I have written my five choices on a piece of paper.  Whoever creates a menu that most closely resembles mine wins the contest!  Your prize: All A Taste of Thai ingredients needed to make the five dishes on YOUR menu!  By the time you’ve digested all of your Halloween candy, a package from A Taste of Thai will be on your doorstep, awaiting your exploration.  Makes your Halloween stash look pretty weak, right?

We’ll be accepting entries until midnight (EST) on Thursday, November 7, and the winner will be announced Friday, November 8th at 9am (EST).

Good luck!  I can’t wait to see your menus, and I’m even more excited for you to experience A Taste of Thai for yourselves!

Header Image from tripandtravel.com