Today feels like a good day to start the new tradition of featuring my favorite food finds.  While the idea occurred to me some time ago, I’ve never been quite as inspired to implement it as I was last week, when I tried the product I am about to highlight.  A good friend and I were taking a road trip when we decided to pull over at a sandwich shop in Williamsburg, VA for lunch.  We ordered a large sandwich and coleslaw to share, and as we were about to pay, a container of yogurt caught my eye.  I bought it because it contained actual chunks of strawberry and rhubarb.  I love that in a pie, I love it in a jam, so I figured I just may love it in some yogurt.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, and when it came time to open the yogurt, I was tempted to take a bite and toss the rest.  Knowing what I know now, that would have been a sacrilege.

Noosa Reviewed - Noosa Lemon Yoghurt #madeinUSA #breakfastonthego #fitfam

The yogurt I’m referring to is Noosa Yoghurt, a product made on a family-owned farm in Colorado using a secret Australian recipe.  It tastes like a smooth hybrid of Greek-style and custard yogurts, and is blended with a hint of honey and served atop generous servings of pureed fruits like passion fruit, mango, and raspberry.  I eat yogurt almost every day, and while I never tire of its flavor, I never imagined it could taste this heavenly.  Noosa’s thickness is filling, but it is still a low-calorie yogurt.  It is hearty enough for a breakfast, but light and fresh enough for a dessert.  Pure dairy perfection.

Now stop reading and go pick some up at your local Whole Foods, Wegmans, or Target!  There’s no need to be eating any other yogurt, trust me!

I stole this pic online since mine is blurry