We met Marrrakech towards the end of our cyclonic tour of Morocco.  For two weeks, my senses had kicked into overdrive, osmosing as much of the country’s magic as possible.  So far, nothing about the place had proven ordinary, and if I had walked any slower to behold it all, inertia would have overtaken me. … Continue Reading

Last Morocco post, we promised tales of sass and swindle.  The tail-end of that entry left us exploring Fes, after which we (and our entire trip) both literally and figuratively went south. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Lemme be more clear: It was all Luis’ fault.  It may appear as though I’m … Continue Reading

When I was a little girl, I read about a Moroccan town enshrouded in hues of blue.  Since blue was my favorite color at the time, I fervently scribbled the town on my bucket list.  I finally made my way to Morocco a few months back, and since my travel criteria hasn’t matured over the years, seeing that blue-rinsed town remained top … Continue Reading