We’re back, peeps, after a long hiatus for our site’s redesign. It feels great to be virtually reconnecting with you again! Many of you have reached out about flu tips, since we’re still unfortunately in the midst of flu season. For this reason, Jilly whipped up this lil post for you about her recent exploration of healing flu-like symptoms while being on the Whole 30. An added bonus is that these tips are also vegan-friendly. Enjoy, get well soon, and see you SOON for SPRING!!

Being sick is never fun. Being on the Whole30, or having dietary restrictions like being vegan, can make getting the right nutrients much more difficult when you’re not feeling well. Here are some simple vegan, Whole30 cold and flu tips we hope you’ll find helpful.

I’m doing round five of Whole30. (If you remember, Lindsay wrote her Whole30 Tips from her first round back in 2016.) This time I’ve committed to 90 days and as I write this post, I’m on day 45. I seriously have never had a better Whole30 experience and I feel great. I have more energy, fewer groggy slumps during the afternoons, fewer aches and pains in my joints and I’m not beating myself up for yo-yo dieting, and eating junk food. I knew I needed more than 30 days to reach my goal of achieving ‘Food Freedom’, which is why I challenged myself to 90 days of Whole30.

I created this recipe in anticipation of being sick from seasonal stuff while on the Whole30, and have found that it works really well. If you’re like me, you’re likely not going to want to eat solid foods while you’re sick. I especially like this electrolyte drink recipe because the B12 in the spirulina gives you energy on those days when you just want to stay buried under the covers.

Vegan, Whole30 Cold and Flu Tips

  1. Stay hydrated. I love chamomile tea to help with any stomach nausea. My Nonna would always give me that when I was feeling sick as a child and I’ve always remembered it as a healing entity.
  2. Get enough essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat. That’s where my recipe comes in!
  3. If you’re wanting something more substantive, stick to the very simple BRAT diet. (I only know about it because Lindsay told me about it when I got a parasite during our Bolivia travels.) BRAT stands for banana, rice, apples, and toast. In the case of being on Whole30, you can replace the rice with cauliflower rice and the toast with potato or sweet potato toast. If you’re looking to make sure you get your fats in, add coconut oil to the rice or almond butter to the banana and potato. 

Vegan, Whole30 Electrolyte Drink Recipe

12 oz 365 Organic Vegtable Broth

1 teaspoon Lydia’s Food Ayurvedic Herbs Vegan Butter

1 teaspoon Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina

1/8 teaspoon Redmond Real Salt, Unrefined 

Heat the broth. Pour in a mug & stir in the vegan butter, spirulina, and salt.

Vegan, Whole30 Cold and Flu Tips & Vegan, Whole30 Electrolyte Drink RecipeEach of these ingredients was selected to help you feel better in the moment and get completely better soon!

  • The 365 Organic Vegetable Broth provides hydration and 25% of your day’s worth of Vitamin A, which is great for the immune system.
  • Lydia’s Food Ayurvedic Herbs Vegan Butter includes anti-inflammatory ingredients including organic coconut oil, organic ginger, and organic turmeric root.
  • One teaspoon of Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina is a great source of phytonutrients. It provides 300% Vitamin A, 290% Vitamin B12, and 30% Vitamin K (K1, K2), among various others. You’ll get the energy you need from the Vitamin B12.
  • Redmond Real Salt has over 60 natural trace minerals and has a flavor unlike any salt on Earth. (No joke!) It is found around 30 feet below ground, covered by a layer of bentonite clay, which has protected it from erosion and from the possibility of modern environmental contamination. The salt is also unique because it does not contain anti-caking agents or dextrose (sugar), and is never heat processed. That’s what gives this salt its excellent, true flavor. 

What are your go-to vegan, Whole30 cold and flu tips? Or your non-vegan, non-Whole30 cold and flu tips? Let us know in the comments section so our readers who are feeling a bit under the weather can bounce back soon. Thank you for stopping by and see you soon!