Much time has elapsed since my last Costa Rica post, but I am finally sitting down to write the finale, which we shall deem “the caboose.”  A month before I traveled to Costa Rica, I met a fantastic lass in Ecuador who re-ignited my curiosity about the Central American hotspot.  Prior to meeting her, I … Continue Reading

If you’ve been following my quest to savor the world one bite at a time, you’ve likely realized that I took an extended holiday hiatus from berating my current least favorite country.  Before you go supposing that I am a cantankerous curmudgeon, I should point out that I am not one to dwell on the … Continue Reading

More like ten bones, actually (Oh SNAPPPP, how will you ever recover from that sophisticated snub?!).  But before I go all negative Nancy, Debbie downer on you, let’s rewind a bit.  To 1999.  I’ll set the scene: I was 17, donning pink Umbro shorts a la 1992 and listening to The Backstreet Boys’  “I Want … Continue Reading