A small joint in Philly is causing major waves in the world of pipin’ hot pizza pies.  Located in Fishtown, a hood that I would describe as shabby hip, Pizza Brain opened its doors just 6 months ago.  Since its inception, it has garnered praise from not only its fans, but major news agencies like … Continue Reading

A French couple recently tried to engage me in an argument over American cuisine.  I almost took the conversational bait, but hesitated for three reasons: I try to discourage people from talking out of their arses as I find it to be unbecoming.  Even less appealing is an obstinate Frenchie doing so.  After learning that … Continue Reading

‘Tis the season to paint the town orange, apparently, and frankly I feel like I am being pummeled by one giant pumpkin every time I leave the house.  To my right is a pumpkin-infused this, to my left is a pumpkin-flavored that, and straight ahead is a mound of pumpkins in the flesh, begging to … Continue Reading

This is dedicated to my beautiful friends Erin and Jill, who perpetually ignore their diets, budgets, and bedtimes to consume as many baked goods as humanly possible with me.  Life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without you two! I happen to speak the language of “cupcake” fluently, which is fortunate considering I have not yet … Continue Reading