Oscar Pistorius has been stealing South Africa’s limelight lately, but since the country is so much more than a high profile murder trial, I thought we’d do our part to shift the focus to happier topics.  We’ve already detailed our favorite meals in Cape Town, so today we’ll discuss our top ten Cape Town activities. … Continue Reading

Welcome back for Part 2 of two posts we’re devoting to our absolute favorite dining experiences in Cape Town.  If you travel often, you know that it’s pretty common for memories of places seen, meals eaten, and adventures had to blend together or fade away with time.  Heck, even if you aren’t big on traveling, … Continue Reading

Those of you familiar with me and my daffy ways know that I have a termination problem.  If a destination even remotely piques my interest, I cling to it until all of my curiosities are sated.  This usually comes in the form of my “needing” to try every restaurant on my wish list, which seldom … Continue Reading

Once upon a time I journeyed to Cape Town for a two week jaunt and willingly got stuck there for a month and a half.  What does that mean, aside from the fact that I set really poor personal boundaries?  Well, most obviously, it’s symbolic of Cape Town’s being a bona fide tourist’s delight. More … Continue Reading

It’s time for our second “Cool Cats of Cape Town” installment.  If you missed our introduction to this series, along with our piece on Nigel Wood (Cool Cat numero uno), feel free to check it out here.  Then, we can mosey along to our second subject. Would you get a load of this first-class cutie? … Continue Reading

Our investigation of South Africa before arriving was cursory at best.  We have friends in Pretoria, and we trusted that their recommendations upon our arrival would cushion our transition into the country.  In 2005, I saw Tsotsi, an exceptional film (based on a novel by South African author Athol Fugard) about a conflicted Johannesburg gang … Continue Reading

It’s no secret that we’re fervently fond of food here at The Glutton’s Digest.  One can only eat so much though, which is why we are currently detoxing after multiple nine-course meals with which South Africa has spoiled us silly.  While our bellies may be habitually full, we’re never too stuffed for a good story.  … Continue Reading

If you’re in Cape Town and give a dang about food, it’s unlikely that Royale Eatery won’t fly onto your radar.  Capetonians who fancy themselves foodies have conflicting views on many of the area’s restaurants, but the city dwellers that we consulted harmoniously raved about Royale’s burgers.  Their consensus resulted in our heading to the restaurant for … Continue Reading