It’s time to spice things up a bit with our next A Taste of Thai giveaway.  This giveaway will end in a week’s time, meaning the winner will receive his/her package just in time for Valentine’s Day. Move over roses and chocolate (but just a little, because we still want you).  What better way to … Continue Reading

December marks month three of experimenting with A Taste of Thai products.  Since it also marks the enchanting season of holiday gatherings (for which you may be asked to whip up a dish or two), appetizers will be this month’s focal point.  Today we’ll share our personal favorite, and tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to … Continue Reading

As frostier temps draw near, I’ve been on the prowl for some new belly-warming recipes.  I think I’ve found just the dish to curb the clam chowder and chili overdose from which I annually suffer during my winter hibernation.  I hope you’ll share my appreciation for it! This is our second month experimenting with A … Continue Reading

Yesterday, we introduced our new partnership with A Taste of Thai.  As promised in that post, we’re showcasing our first few recipes today!  I figure that Pad Thai is a good springboard, as it was a theme throughout our last entry, and it’s a dish with which most people are familiar.  I was interested to gauge A … Continue Reading

Have you ever made Thai food from scratch?  If your answer to that question is, “Yeah, it’s super simple,” I’m afraid we can’t be friends, as you may cause my healthy self-esteem to irrevocably plummet into a dark, lonely abyss.  On planet Earth (where I currently reside), Thai cooking is a complex art that takes … Continue Reading