A couple of weeks ago in our first PA Staycation post, we promised a visit to the ever-so-charming Peddler’s Village, and finally, here we write. Our hope is that you can squeeze in a self-pampering visit to the next salon/spa we’re featuring before basting your turkey and mashing your taters, or even post-Thanksgiving, when the … Continue Reading

Hello to our loyal Pennsylvania readers! Recent unseasonably warm temperatures have tricked many of us into thinking that summer’s not quite over, but unfortunately, those summer vacations that we looked forward to all last year are quickly fading in our rearview mirrors. Before we know it, the hectic holiday season will be upon us, and … Continue Reading

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is a strange and unique place in the sense that it is entirely easy to forget you are in Mexico at all. With its European-styled cobblestone streets and architecture, and its swarms of North American artists and retirees who have relocated here, it can be challenging to remember exactly where … Continue Reading

We’re featuring Mouth Party Caramels again on our homepage and bringing you a chance to win 1lb of Sea Salt Caramels via our Instagram page through Thursday January 19 at 11pm EST. To all of my languishing lovelies out there: The days of inhaling Rolos by the tube while watching cute cat videos are over … Continue Reading

You’ve probably recognized from our recent food post, along with our various Oaxacan cocktail posts on Instagram that we spent 2 weeks over the Christmas holiday in the ever-so-charming town of Oaxaca, Mexico. Like every good foodie, though, it was important for us to figure out where we were going to rest our heads and our … Continue Reading

There’s a new kid on the block in the realm of La Paz lodging, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to support its arrival to the scene. Atix Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the safe and peaceful enclave of Calacoto, our favorite neighborhood in La Paz for a variety of reasons. First, and most … Continue Reading

After a good chunk of time in Bolivia, Jill and I were seeking somewhere warm, peaceful, and green in which to decompress and slowly catch up on work. As a parting gift from her family, Jill received a Bolivia guide book and did some solo research on the country before arriving in La Paz. She … Continue Reading

We’ve already elaborated on our top lodging choice in Samaipata, Bolivia: El Pueblito Resort. As always, though, we like to offer options for every budget. In town, not far from the plaza is a sweet, cozy hostel called Andoriña Hostal, Arte & Cultura. If you’re looking for an economical, but lovely lodging option, here’s our pick for where … Continue Reading

This week, TGD brings you a guest entry from Jill, our PR director and restaurant-selecting extraordinaire. Below, she weighs in on her recent trip to Malta, or more specifically, on two restaurants in Malta that she highly recommends visiting while there:  Honestly, I did not research restaurants in Malta before flying there. It’s not surprising, … Continue Reading

Perhaps you recall the healthy snack spotlight we wrote earlier this year as part of our Wheelin’ and Mealin’ Road Trip series?  At the top of our snack list ranked Sahale Snacks, a company that specializes in nut and fruit blends that will knock your socks off.  As we mentioned then, Sahale nut blends were the first … Continue Reading