I’m going to be honest. La Paz, Bolivia was a difficult city for me to get used to, mostly due to its altitude. As the highest capital city in the world at just about 12,000 feet above sea level, it was hard to walk on even flat ground without stopping to catch my breath. Acclimatizing … Continue Reading

There’s a new kid on the block in the realm of La Paz lodging, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to support its arrival to the scene. Atix Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the safe and peaceful enclave of Calacoto, our favorite neighborhood in La Paz for a variety of reasons. First, and most … Continue Reading

After a good chunk of time in Bolivia, Jill and I were seeking somewhere warm, peaceful, and green in which to decompress and slowly catch up on work. As a parting gift from her family, Jill received a Bolivia guide book and did some solo research on the country before arriving in La Paz. She … Continue Reading

We’ve already elaborated on our top lodging choice in Samaipata, Bolivia: El Pueblito Resort. As always, though, we like to offer options for every budget. In town, not far from the plaza is a sweet, cozy hostel called Andoriña Hostal, Arte & Cultura. If you’re looking for an economical, but lovely lodging option, here’s our pick for where … Continue Reading

Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to honor the warmth in the air than to pack your car trunk, roll down your windows, and cruise across the U.S.?  With that long, bleak winter in our rear view mirrors, we’re looking forward to reviving our Wheelin’ and Mealin’ U.S.A. Road Trip Series.  We do … Continue Reading

On my first day in Mandalay, I walked up to a tea house/beer garden.  This is a very common scene in Myanmar – basically a nondescript pavilion overlaying wobbly tables and chairs that serves as a restaurant/bar.  I hesitated at the entrance when I realized only men were inside; perhaps it was culturally taboo for … Continue Reading

We met Marrrakech towards the end of our cyclonic tour of Morocco.  For two weeks, my senses had kicked into overdrive, osmosing as much of the country’s magic as possible.  So far, nothing about the place had proven ordinary, and if I had walked any slower to behold it all, inertia would have overtaken me. … Continue Reading

It’s only natural that we would consort the best places to eat in Pittsburgh with the best place to sleep, because what goes hand-in-hand if not feasting and snoozing?  I’m no stranger to hotels given my perpetual on-the-roadness, which oftentimes results in one nice hotel blending into the next.  Just when I think I’m impervious to … Continue Reading

Last time, we tackled the food scene in Mozambique’s capital, but where are you going to rest off your food coma during the interludes when you’re not chowing down? Hopefully, not in your bowl.  Compared to other major cities, Maputo’s lodging options are sparse.  Also, their prices will confound you.  A generic hotel room (think … Continue Reading

Once upon a time I journeyed to Cape Town for a two week jaunt and willingly got stuck there for a month and a half.  What does that mean, aside from the fact that I set really poor personal boundaries?  Well, most obviously, it’s symbolic of Cape Town’s being a bona fide tourist’s delight. More … Continue Reading